Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome to MYMOJOVAPE's blog.

How are all my fellow MOJO vapers doing? I hope everyone finds themselves well. I want to welcome everyone to our new blog. What's your MOJO? This blog is open to all topics. Please, let's try not to deviate ourselves too much from the electronic cigarette and or electronic cigarette liquids topics. We would like for everyone to bring to this blog all vital information you may have pertaining to the industry. This industry is ever changing with reforms and laws that are manipulating the way vape. It would be great to bring all these different topics to the blog. This will help keep everyone informed on all the latest changes in laws and latest news buzz. Hope everyone enjoys this service we have added. Keep coming back, let's make this blog fantastic. We believe, the more we educate ourselves about this Industry, the better chances we will have to prevail. Keep the conversation going. Peace and love to all. MYMOJOVAPE | What's your MOJO?